What do I need?

This was the question Rod posed to me as we had a rare hour to just sit and chat yesterday afternoon. The first thing I came up with was "mindspace". I don't know if that's term anyone uses...if not, I just made it up!

I've been realizing with more clarity that, I need time alone to think and reflect and plan. By nature, I am a responder to people more than an initiator of tasks. Being a wife and mother of two, I have plenty of opportunities to respond to the needs and wants of people. And I completely enjoy doing it. I would love to just hang out with my kids and husband and not have to worry about keeping a household going.

But there's another intrinsic part of me that needs to create and express and put thoughts together and study and write and be challenged. And I need solitude and quiet in order to do things. In fact, I've discovered that I should probably even do grocery/menu planning when there's no one around!

Anyways, my son wants to play ball with me and even though I set the timer for ten minutes so that I could finish writing this, I'm feeling distracted, so I'm just going to sign off until I can get some more "mindspace".


flowerlady said...

I can so totally relate to that. Kelly has been giving me a regular afternoon off so that I can have time to do whatever I want. It's been very therapeutic. I crave quiet because it's there that the ideas the refreshing and the rest actually happen. Keep pursuing it, it will come.

Can hardly wait to see you!! Only a few more days...........

Christina said...

Sonya, I love how you have so much insight into who you are and what you need. Many people may know that something isn't right, but putting their finger on what it is exaclty can be hard.
Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family!