Well, Rod and I just had our last moments alone probably for the next 16 months or so. Well, at least anything extended past a few hours anyways.

It was good. Probably had a few too many expectations attached to it on my part (which, along with being pregnant, precipitated a few crying spells...when we were shown our cabin, when I got one of my restaurant meals...) It's easy to think, "Oh, now we can talk about this and this and we can do this together etc. etc." But in reality, it takes 30 of the 40 hours just to feel human again, plus you've forgotten the fine art of communication, and you each have different needs from the time away.

But the main thing is, we did it, we made some good memories, and Rod felt loved. Plus, we had an amazing steak dinner!

On the sleep front, Jacob went way off track for a week and I got to the end of my rope and changed a few more things. Then, for about 3 or 4 days he napped and went to sleep at night by himself and slept through the night two nights in a row. And apparently slept 13 hours at a friends' house. Hoping that this away time won't mess things up too badly, but I won't be surprised if they do...

Getting closer and closer to my due date. Renos on our master suite haven't even really begun yet! Will the baby wait?!! It would certainly be helpful, as we kinda want to have the birth there! Still haven't settled on any names. Still need to get some stuff. That's the way it goes...

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Christa said...

I keep reading more and finding out more answers to my questions:) Expectations-crazy things aren't they? And what? men and women need different things?
Actually I read this really good quote on this billboard the other day: Men are from earth and women are from earth-get over it! I thought it was funny!