Yvonne, were you talking about my blog or the breathe blog? I haven't posted here for a verry long time.

Life is cruising along. I'm behind in most things (accounting, dishes, friendships, sleep). But today is a wonderful day. It is so warm and sunny. My son is sleeping outside in a swing. My husband is coming home late late tonight after being away for the longest time since Jacob was born. And I'm going to surprise him with getting help with a few things around the house. The countertop is in sooner than expected, so maybe our kitchen might be close to done before the appraiser comes on Monday. Which means our finances will come into greater order soon.

I felt so connected (what an overused word) at Breathe God and to other women. I felt like I made a difference by being there. And I felt cared for. The word today was "Those who care for others, God longs to care for you". I need to feel and receive that care and allow my needs to be known and met.

I love the change in seasons. There is so much hope and new life in spring. As long as we don't let the mud and mess of transition get us down, but instead, glory in the sun on our faces and the warm breeze in our hair, and let the smell of moist earth and fresh growth fill our senses. But we have to get out of our comfort zone and into God's world to enjoy it. (There's my philosophical view for the day).

I met a really neat person today and that excites me. She shares a similar passion for dance and just seems really interesting. Anyways, I've gotta go. Maybe I'll be back in a few months. Or maybe less.

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