Easter is coming! (Hey, world -- meet Jesus)

It's still very much winter here in Winnipeg, but I am getting excited for Easter!  Lent has just begun and I'm enjoying a daily reading from here.

What I'm also excited about, is getting my song, "This is Jesus" out there where people can hear it!  I love the message that Jesus can relate to us--he was one of us.  I love that this song was inspired by the community I live in:  Winnipeg's North End.  It is not a modern suburb, or even one of those quaint "character-home" communities.  It can be a tough neighbourhood to live in with too many run-down houses and slum landlords, drug trafficking, and gang violence.  But it's also a place where you don't have to live up to a certain image or compete "with the Joneses".  It's a place where hurting people live, and Jesus would have hung out here.

Jesus was sent to the world he created, to save people broken by sin.  It was all about love.  And I want to spread that message this Easter.

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