Convictions: What do I believe my kids really need? (Part 2)

 I believe my kids need to fail and try again or fail and learn from it.  My kids need to forgive and be forgiven.  They need to feel safe to make mistakes.  They need to learn to mix their feelings—not disregarding their own feelings or someone else’s but holding both in their hearts at the same time.  My kids’ need me to do the same, so that I am self-controlled and gentle in my responses.  We all need to use our words and share our hearts when we are hurt or frustrated.

I believe my kids need to know God and trust Him with their hearts.  I believe their best life will involve walking with God, listening to Him, and sharing what they are thinking and feeling with God.  I believe they need to be grounded in the reasoning for their faith, and the evidences in creation and historical documentation.  They need to experience God personally and find Him to be faithful.  They will need to question their beliefs before they can truly own them.  I believe my kids need to see their parents doing everyday life with God and get into the habit of reading and memorizing the Bible.

I believe my kids need equipping for battle.  They need determination and perseverance.  They need to be prepared for the jungle, not the zoo.  They need to know how to cook and clean, manage money, and get and keep a job.  They need to learn how to develop close relationships and remain committed to those they love.  They need to face fear and take risks.  They need good, solid friends who will accept, encourage, and influence them for good.  They need to develop competency and excellence in their giftings.  They need to learn graciousness and humility.  They need a teachable spirit.  They need convictions that run deep enough to withstand opposition.

My kids need a healthy respect for their bodies and a lifestyle of activity and healthy eating.  They need to have their spirits fed good things.  They need to master technology without being mastered by it.  

Most of all, they need to know they are loved no matter what.

I started this exercise with the aim of writing for 20 minutes.  I was on a roll, so it stretched to 44 minutes.  Not that much time out of my life, really.  What about you?  Will you take 20 minutes and think about something important to you?  For ideas, feel free to download my worksheet on facebook.

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