A few months ago, I started a book called, "The Passion Test". Through reading the book and going through the process of uncovering the top five passions in my life i.e. the things I am doing in my ideal life, I realized that performing my music is one of them.

Music used to encompass about 90% of my non-school life. After getting married and becoming a mom, that percentage diminished greatly. Since finishing college, I have enjoyed dabbling in many different art forms: drawing, painting, dance, and writing. I feel it is now time to return to my "roots" and my love for music.

I have been writing songs off and on for nearly two decades now. Only two of them have been performed for an audience. I have never recorded, except for a scratch demo my brother did for me quite awhile ago and some recording I did in a friend's basement studio to enter a contest. That is a dream for one day.

I do want to share my music and now is the time. So I am doing my first concert ever on Sunday, June 5th at 7:00. Venue is Pixels 2.1 Gallery on 217 McDermot Ave. Hope to see you there!


Stephanie Staples said...

Sorry to have missed your event Sonya, I heard it was AWESOME. I hope I am available for your next one and meanwhile, perhaps you will do a speech about the experience!?

sonya said...

Chuckling...and that would mean JOINING toastmasters, wouldn't it?! Your tenacity is what I need.