Back in the School Groove

What a good day! My grade-two son got out of bed on his own (my alarm didn't go off), got himself his breakfast (at his request for cereal, bowl, spoon and milk to be ready to go the night before). I think he slept in his clothes! Quite a relaxed morning really.

I had short night with one brief wake-up, but one of the most solid sleeps in a while...and my linear thinking was functioning--I could finish tasks before going on to the next thing. I still followed my gut and not a routine, but I felt like I was not always trying to escape. Fairly good energy all day.

One thing I wanted to do was look up the energy "chakras" again in my book...and just see which ones were affected by different mental/emotional issues. Very intriguing finds that prompted me to journal. I spent quite a bit of the morning journalling. It was affirmed to me why journalling is so important for me, as one area that I particularly struggle with is the balance between communication and comprehension (talking and listening), between moving ahead and waiting, and between being willful and being compliant. I tend to be on the more passive side of all three. And this affects the chakra related to the neck/thyroid etc. So I want to bring healing to this area (I am hypothyroid) by finding my voice, honing in on my message, and beginning to speak what's on my heart and mind. It was interesting that as I contemplated doing this, I had great hesitations around appearing aggressive or pushing my agenda on people. I realized how important being invited to speak is to me, rather than asking to speak. So, rather than trying to change myself too much or all at once, this realization encouraged me to make known to people what my message is (and to figure out more of that myself) so that they have the opportunity to ask me. That is my plan for now.

Rod took my girl on a date all afternoon, so I had a gloriously relaxing time with my youngest. We picnicked outside and lay down when we felt like it. I spent some time soaking up the sun, partly barefoot on the damp grass and partly laying on our swing. J2 brought his recorder out and I got to play it...picked out a few tunes including "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". It was very therapeutic. Around 2:30 we went in. I decided to clean up as much as I could before J1 got home. It was so nice to have the main floor tidy for the most part for his arrival. We had yummy watermelon and a relaxed news update on school.

The rest of the day was supper-making, eating, cleaning up, night snack and bedtime. Small skirmishes were met with fairly level-headed wisdom from me (nice) and the kids were fairly co-operative. Would've gotten them to bed a little earlier, but the symphony lady called (thankfully, as I had forgotten to call today) and I signed up for two Design-your-own-6-packs of concerts for a crazy cheap promotional price. That also makes me happy.

So here I am, for the first time on the computer today (is that part of the reason this day felt so good?). And I am blogging on my personal blog for the first time since February. This has truly been a living-my-life-in-the-moment kind of day. I wish there were a formula for repeating it. But then again, I'm rather anti-repetition. There were definitely things worth repeating today though.

Happy 09/09/09.

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