Summer Fun

Just had a fun day yesterday. Finally got out the bikes for the kids and they pretty much did that all day. I got to be outside a lot more than usual and found it to be very rejuvenating with only a few mosquito bites. Had lunch on our almost-revamped "sunshine" table...somebody threw out their old plastic table, I rescued it, got Rod to saw off the legs to coffee table height, we've been spraypainting it yellow (still needs one more coat and then the legs), and now it's perfect for kids! I even did some weeding. I need more days like this. Sure beats being holed up in the basement working on the computer!

Today, everybody started off the morning in a bit of a funk. I had trouble sleeping last night which didn't help matters. We did more biking before 9:00 a.m. even. When we came back in, there was just a lot of grouchies, even after a first snack. I deemed we all needed more food still and so we had a popcorn/apple picnic in the middle of the kitchen. After that, everyone was ready to participate in life again! I stayed on the picnic blanket and closed my eyes for a bit!

But I really should be off to send my kids to napland (and hopefully me, too!) Hoping the older kids will, too so the later night won't wreck them. We're having friends over for a's going to be amazing (thanks, God for our income tax refund just in time!) TTFN. Tah Tah For Now.

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