My "Beauty Story"

As I was writing up something for our business a while back, I became frustrated with how it was coming across. In my frustration, I opened up a whole new layer of thought, and this is what came out:

"Behind all the doubts of my skill and worth lurks a beautiful woman who is rarely aware of her beauty. In fact, all her growing up years she only saw her intelligence as something of value. Many years of ugly hair and glasses coupled with a natural shyness left her feeling rather unalluring.

Now in her thirties, she is starting to recognize her own beauty. Some of it has come from expected sources like her husband. Some of it from unexpected sources like comments from friends and strangers on the beauty of her daughter followed by, "She looks just like you". But she can hardly believe it. And yet her daughter, breathtaking at times in her natural beauty, is before her every day as a reminder.

And then there are the photos taken at a beach in Cuba after she worked out for six weeks. Wow! She had a great-looking body with abs to envy! Never before had she believed that exercise could have such a noticeable effect on the look of her body. It made her feel confident; so strong and yet so feminine--sexy, actually. The images of her jumping the waves in her bikini, strolling in cognito in her beach hat and sunglasses--these images are forever etched in her memory. Now, even as she looks at her body after having a baby seven months ago, she still feels that confidence and looks forward to recreating that look once again.

At Eve Studios, we believe every woman has beauty to be uncovered. Every woman is on a journey of revelation and discovery to find the beauty she's been given. Whether you've found it and want to celebrate it or whether you'd like us to join you on your journey, we want to make your experience a truly satisfying one."

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I like it :) You ARE beautiful- inside and out!!!