Come Forth!

I know a lot of people read my blog, but don't comment, so I thought I'd just go over how to do that. Basically, click on "comments" below the post/entry, type in your thoughts and your name, click the little circle beside anonymous. Then click on "publish your comment". It's that simple! Actually, I just realized, that you can click on "other" and type your name in (web page not necessary)...even better!

Perhaps you've been a little shy or just weren't sure how. I would love if you would leave me a note: aunties, mom, old would be fun! (But no can always call me or email me too!)



Anonymous said...

I'll leave the first comment.


Tasha & Colin said...

that's great! i've been wanting to write something along those lines on my blog nice when you know "who's out there". i'll still call too though! :)


flowerlady said...

not a bad idea, maybe the 'lurkers' will come out of hiding!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Sonya!!

Kimmy said...

Hi, Sonya. I link here occasionally from Carol's blog. I know it's been a long time since we were at school together at Bethany, but it's been fun to "catch-up" on your family since then. Your kids are beautiful! If you haven't already, please feel free to stop by my blog. It's a mixture of daily happenings, including trials and triumphs of an everyday mom. Take care!