It's weird. For the past month, I feel like my life has been on hold. The income tax bookkeeping has to be finished. I do a big push on it and then leave it for the rest of the week. When I started the task, I kind of told myself that the house would be neglected. But, even when I'm not actively working on the taxes, I feel like I should be, and I feel I shouldn't be focussing my time on the house. So, I end up doing stuff with the kids, or relaxing, or whatever. The result is that my house has not been this messy even when J2 was a newborn. It's barely functional. And my social life has been put on hold. I'm back to not wanting to invite people over into my chaos...because it's REALLY bad. Anyways, our need for the refund is becoming really urgent, so I HAVE to finish it by next week before we go to Saskatchewan. My mind is already wanting to prepare for Sask, I really should be visiting possible schools for J and leaving my house in a mess while we're in Sask and then coming back to it does not seem desirable. So, if anyone reading this could keep me in their prayers, I'd appreciate it. Especially for a clear mind and the discipline to start without giving in to the overwhelming feelings, an ability to separate out what's important at any given timem and the grace to live in the chaos. The books are a bit messy this year, so wisdom in tracking down stuff and living with their imperfection is needed too.

Ironically, in some ways, life has been really deeply good in the last six weeks. God is working. I just would really like to get this weight off my shoulders and resume life (oh, yeah...then I need to catch up on the bookkeeping from 2007...nuts!) Ahhh, life!


Tasha & Colin said...

WHAT!?!?!? Was that schools in Saskatchewan or Winnipeg?!?!?!? I'm not sure if I understood that sentance?!?!?

Sonya said...

That does sound a little confusing doesn't it. We're going for a visit to family next week, I'm checking out schools in Winnipeg because I'm running out of time to decide where J is going to go. No need to freak out! We're not moving anywhere...sorry about that.

Tasha & Colin said...

Ahhhhh.....Good!!! :)