I Painted!

Last night was a milestone for me. I've had this growing desire to paint in the last six months or so. I'd done some simple projects but not really a picture. I looked at taking a class, thought of getting some painter-friends to teach me, but last night I just went for it!

It was such a rush! Almost like a roller coaster. It may seem strange to think of it that way, but for me it was really all about holding my breath wondering if something would turn out the way I hoped, feeling a bit sick at times (when I'm not sure I could pull out of a certain "mistake"), being surprised by interesting twists and turns, and that feeling at the end like, "I did it!"

Rod was super-encouraging all along the way and it was neat to impress him. He says I even inspired him. He was amazed that I could do such a beautiful picture on my first try. I know I've gained a lot of skills and ideas along the way as a closet artist using pastels and such, but I wasn't sure it would be easy to transfer to such a different medium. I had always been intimidated by all the mixing of colours and kinds of paintbrushes and such. But it wasn't that big of a deal. (I think I could use some better brushes though. But the little Dollarama canvases and paints were great).

All I can say is that after three hours of playing with paint, I've got this little tiny painting. And I learned that it's all about process. It's laying in the background and the foundation and building on it (I wish I would've taken pictures along the way...it's really amazing the changes a painting goes through). It's looking for the light and taking time to notice where it touches. It's figuring out where the focus is and drawing the eye there. It's just hangin' in there when things look a little rough and having a bit of vision and allowing it to change along the way.

Kinda like life.

Anyways, get out there and live your life. Don't wait for it to happen. The ice is breaking up and the river is flowing. The snow is receding and the buds are forming. Embrace life!


Deanna Momtchilov said...

that's awesome - i wish i could be inspired and feel a rush when doing art. i just want to cry instead! ;)

Sonya said...

So if it's not art, what does inspire you or give you a rush?