I feel mostly recovered from birth...hurray! Now if I could just fully recover from this nasty nasty sore throat/swollen glands...but I think I'm close. Got it just after Christmas when I had a couple of bad nights and refused to nap/go to bed early while celebrating with my family at the CanadInns. Oops. Now I pay for it. I think hubby just came down with it today. J is just starting to get over his fever/cough thingie. Thankfully the other two are still healthy.

Had the most wonderful time journalling by candlelight last night. Hadn't done that since the day after J2 was born. Also had a lovely visit with friends on the first day of this new year. I really want to have people over a lot more this year. Realizing that it will be a challenge to not let mothering consume me. It's so easy i.e. with a newborn to just be glued to them. But I really need my own time and space to stay sane and to be the woman I am meant to be. It gets much harder when feeling sleep deprived though. Everything tends to go out the window.

Things I am thankful for today:
- special Christmas memories like the look on R's face when her parents and grandparents all sang Christmas carols together by candlelight on Christmas Eve and the Jingle Bells "dance party" that had everyone hoppin'
- all the snow
- cuddles with my new baby
- Vanilla Rooibos tea and Candy Cane Lane tea
- candlelight

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