Housing Update

Well, we now own a total of three buildings: one studio, one new house and one very old house. We got our walk-through and keys on Friday. It was overwhelming the care the builders are putting into our house. It was wonderful to see it finished and the kids were so excited. The urgency for us to sell our house and get into the new one has definitely increased!

It's becoming more apparent to me how much stress this has put on our family this past year and particularly this past summer. We took some time this week for bits of relaxation: one evening at Kildonan Park during some showings and one afternoon at Grand Beach. It is so nice to get away into God's creation! When we do, we notice how different it is from the way we are typically feeling at any given moment.

It's also becoming more apparent to me how much Rod and I need need need some down-time together. Life has been too crazy and we haven't built in that time. I hope we can learn to do this more regularly and that we get some closure soon: sell, move and finish renovating the studio. It's just too draining long-term.


Sonya said...

Will have shown the house 7x this week by tomorrow noon. Still no offers yet but in a way that's a relief as we don't want to accept a mediocre one if a better one is coming after our open house on Sunday.

kristi said...

all the best with selling the old one! congrats on getting the keys to the new one!