Exhausted....and Five Days Left

This afternoon was a shopping frenzy. Went to the new Salvation Army on McPhillips for the first time (nice store) and got a few clothes for Rod and I. Was too late to pick up our travel documents at CAA (they closed at 3:00!) Picked up a few brasieres at Winners. That was an adventure with my new post-weaning...umm...appendages. I think I'm the smallest I've ever been! (Last time I had no break between nursing and pregnancy...we'll see how long I have left...) Hope this wasn't too much information for anyone. Then picked up some sunscreen, did my tanning for the day and got some after-sun gel. Off to the Dollar Store for some daily treasures for the kids. And then Superstore for some little toiletry gifts for our housekeeper's tips, some Immodium, and a bunch of groceries for the kids and Grandpa & Grandma. Whew!

Next, we will try and make a little daily video for the kids and then spend a little time celebrating the new year. Hopefully before midnight, because I'm exhausted!


Ruth said...

Happy New Year!!
Hope you had fun and got everything done by midnight... and got sleep.
We'll catch up with you sometime... not to worrie!

Stephanie said...

WHOO WOOO! The times is passing quickly and soon you'll be in good old CUBA!!!!!!!! When does your flight leave?

I'm so excited for you guys!