I went through this entire day not realizing it was October 1st. These last few weeks have been a bit like that. Kind of fell off the routine wagon. Just more extra things going on: like three birthdays in eight days (one of them Rod's), toilet-training, painting...

Yes, yesterday was P-day at our house. We did an intensive training session. At first, it was disastrous and very discouraging with one accident after another. Then, suddenly it clicked in and he was going of his own volition. Today, there were two accidents: one of each. But they were new situations, and partly due to my being a little over-confident of his ability. So we all learn together.

We also had some wonderful friends over to help us prime our veranda. Hopefully, we can get some help to finish the other coat, get the floor done, and clean up the windows. I really would like it to be a nice place for once.

Speaking of nice, hasn't the weather been gorgeous? I love warm fall days. There's nothing like 'em! Speaking of fall, October means my baby turns one in less than two weeks! Where did the time go? (By the way, isn't she cute?)

Well, I really should be going before this computer eats up all my personal time. TTFN (ta ta for now).

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