So far the new role of routine in the Braun household has been beneficial and not even too boring! Basically, the biggest change so far has been trying to keep on a fairly consistent meal schedule, including snack-times and then having a set bed-time. Loving the extra time in the evenings now. And just recently I've been able to stay ahead of my dishes and am now enjoying a clean kitchen! I've enjoyed 8 consecutive days of exercise. Today may be my first miss. Today was a bit of an off day, but I got back on track. I could probably still try my work-out upstairs without the DVD (Rod's doing a shoot right now). But I'm here blogging. Also trying to myself to bed in the 10:00 range. Nights with Rachel have been far too active for my liking. Last night I was vowing to "cut her off". I'm devising a plan to also wean her off picking her up at night. But alas, the plans aren't always quite as easy to execute when it comes down to it. 'Cuz breastfeeding is about the quickest way to get a baby back to sleep!

Jacob has been very emotional lately. Really reacting strongly to Rachel encroaching on his territory or if things aren't just so. Not all the time, but more frequently. Just not being very easy-going. Don't know whether to chalk it up to having a cold, needing a nap, the weather, his diet, the stage he's in or what. He's always been a very sensitive and spirited guy, but usually pretty happy.

Well, gotta go!


Ruth said...

Congrats! It's awesome that you're meeting some goals. Amazing how something that sounds easy can be so tricky to pull off. We too are on a schedule... mostly dictated by Sam's preschools... I was not as successful on the clean kitchen front :)
Do you have allotted play-date times? I'd love to book us in!
On another note... Can you explain Breathe (I think that' what it's called, at the Vineyard) to me. I saw a brochure last year that looked cool, are you apart of that and how does one connect into it?
As for your "Grumpy Bug", It could be his age... Sam started to become very attached to routine and things happening "just so" around three. He even had an opinion as to the order in which the water and juice went into his sippy cup! You find a groove like with everything... and you pick your battles wisely!
We let Audrey cry back to sleep at three thirty last night... it was excruciating! But she did eventually go back to sleep... I was awake the whole time with my fingernails in the palms of my hands... I may cave tonight.
Okay this was more like an email, sorry.
Good night!

Sonya said...

Thanks for the "email". I'll check my calendar...your days are probably more booked than mine...found your other ball...

Kendra said...

way to go Sonya, I hope the routine brings new life to you. My rountine isn't great right now but I hope to get back to it once things settle down with reentry to school, etc and once I can walk again.

Tanya said...
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