A Great God

Today I was reading in Romans, I believe. This is the God we trust: the God who can make the dead live, and the God who sees the future with the same certainty we see the past.

It's been an interesting couple of months. In July we put in an offer on a triplex that seemed to meet every one of our desires in some way: a dedicated studio/office area for Rod, closer proximity to the church, a garage and decent-sized yard, and a suite to rent out. Then the listing agent didn't even present our offer. And we grieved. And we dared to hope again.

The end of August we put in an offer on a commercial property on Main Street. This seemed even better: we could design all these areas we wanted and have a more open concept, even bigger yard, garage, and the possibility of a suite, and be even closer to church, plus have store-front. It was a frenzied week as we tried to get all the conditions of sale wrapped up. I spent hours working on floor plans and even lost some sleep. But one week after the offer was accepted, our building inspector revealed that this would not be the place for us. And we grieve. And we dare to hope again.

Rod has two more weeks of parental leave available. We're hoping he can take them. Maybe we'll get away to a cottage for a bit. Maybe we can give our current home a bit of TLC. It's so important to take care of our souls. When Rod got home yesterday, I picked up the fixings for a very nice steak dinner, complete with corn on the cob, new potatoes, peach/spinach salad, and watermelon. I made us some smoothies to tide us over, fed the kids some leftover pasta, and got them in bed. It was such a good decision for us. We could enjoy preparing the meal together and eating in peace and quiet. It was so healing.

God, we don't know where you're going with all this, but we trust you to bring your plans to completion. You're a great God: in strength, wisdom and love!


Ruth said...

OH Sonya!!!!!
My heart is aching for you! I'm so sorry about the disappointments and I'm so glad that you're finding a way to keep hoping. You and Rod have been on my mind a lot lately, I'm not sure why.
In your earlier post you talked about fall and routine etc. I too, hope to see myself making a fresh run at things. Life can sometimes run away from you, but fall always feels like a new start. I would be honoured if a anytime you called because of a stumble... I stumble too. It's nice to compare notes sometimes and help each other out!
Blessings, I'm praying for you guys :)

Ruth said...

P.S. Sam had an awesome first two days (half days) at school. He begins speech therapy tomorrow and afternoons at Montessori next week. Audrey still doesn't sleep through the night but is learning to fall asleep in my arms unassisted. Thank God for the small things.

The Hayes Family said...

Sonya, man I m sorry that these things have fallen through. It sounds like you guys are doing really well taking it all on. Don't lose your excitement and perseverance. Bless your family.

Stephanie said...

Sonya, I'm praying for you guys. Know that God has your best in mind and He'll bring along all that you need and you!

Joel said...

Hey guys,

Just know that the Lord has bigger and better things in store for you. I urge you to continue to persevere in this endeavor, for I know that the Lord will fulfill the deepest desires of your heart. Take care guys.

Be blessed guys!

Love ya both!

p.s. I am still alive and kicking!

Ruth said...

I just got the most wonderful little package in the mail today! I wonder who that could have been!!
You're wonderful.