Tagged. (this was way too much like homework)

10 years ago today-> If I’m thinking of the right year, I was playing piano for my cousin’s wedding and my ex-fiance drove me there (yeah, go figure).

5 years ago -> First summer in Winnipeg…probably just found the house we’re currently living in. Working at the Academy of Learning on Redwood as a facilitator.

1 year ago-> Celebrating Jacob’s 2nd birthday.

Yesterday -> First day back from our trip to Sask. Scrounged up leftovers in the freezer for meals. Had a nap. Talked to my friend on the phone for an hour. Had a second wind late at night and made muffins, wrapped presents, and hung out with Rod as he down-loaded from the wedding, went to bed at 12:40 a.m. (oops)

Tomorrow -> Go to church, maybe the beach.

5 snacks I enjoy -> Fresh fruit, crackers & cheese, potato chips, mixed nuts, dark orange chocolate

5 adult beverages I enjoy -> Umm, I don’t drink alcohol, but I like virgin strawberry margaritas, herbal tea, Lipton raspberry iced tea, and A&W rootbeer

5 bands I know the lyrics to-> I’m very bad with lyrics.

5 things I would do with $100 000 000 -> Buy a house, create an artist retreat/guest house, record a CD, go on a Mediterranean vacation, and give some away

5 locations I would like to run away to -> Brazil, the Rockies, the Maritimes, Europe, the Dominican…

5 bad habits I have -> staying up late, getting places late, leaving housework/dishes undone, getting distracted, avoiding people’s eyes when I talk to them

5 things I love doing -> writing, dancing, singing, walking, playing with my kids and hubby

5 things I would never wear -> Western wear, a beige or peach shirt, stilettos, leather pants, see-through shirts

5 tv shows I like -> Sell this House, Pimp my Ride, Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, American/Canadian Idol(I’m really not a reality freak…I hardly watch these or any tv shows at all!!).

5 movies I like-> Hitch, You’ve Got Mail, One Fine Day, Centre Stage, Save the Last Dance

5 famous people I would love to meet-> Michael Jordan, Catriona Lemay Doan (sp?), Michael W. Smith, Celine Dion, Steve Nash (I really don’t know)

5 biggest joys at the moment -> my kids, connecting with friends, journalling (with God), dancing/singing in church, going on dates with my hubby

5 favorite toys-> toys?? Computer, piano, notebook and pen, nice tea trays, soaker tub

5 people to tag: anyone? (I won't put you through the torture, but feel free)


Jude said...

Was he your ex-finace at the time, or did the ex part come later?

Funny, Yvonne, you and me - all songwriters - all felt like we didn't really know the lyrics to anyone's music really well. I wonder if that's true of a lot of songwriters.

Sonya said...

I had just broken up with him about two weeks prior. But I needed a ride...

interesting about the lyrics...thought it was just me...

Mercy said...

I can't believe I didn't put "getting places late" for one of my bad habits. I'm the worst!

Stephanie said...

Sonya, I hear you on the mixed nuts as a fave snack - totally forgot about mixed nuts but they're incredible!

ps. The pics of your kids are GORGEOUS! Happy belated birthday to you and Jacob (his was the 6th right!?!) Aww..he's so cute in that a little man so proud of his Bob the Builder cake.