Spring is here!

We had our first picnic today. Pizza. A little chilly in the shade, but the pizza tasted the best ever! It was fun to pull out our jean blanket, still sandy from the beach last summer. We've had two barbecues in the last week, too. One was kabobs. Rod made these awesome bacon-wrapped steak cubes and mushrooms and I made some potato ones and even put fruit on a stick for fun! I raked up all the dead leaves and grass in our front yard. I love being outside!

Alas, I still have income tax, PST and GST to do this month. But on the positive side, I've been doing some of the work in my sunroom. What a treat! I think I've been blowing these tasks out of proportion. You really can eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Rachel just turned six months old. She is so sweet. Pictures coming soon!

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flowerlady said...

these are such cute pics!! One day I'll figure out how to put pics on my blog but I'm still a techno-idiot! I love the flowerpot picture, just like Abby!!