I'm here but I have no idea what I'm going to write. I spent the day with my kids and made chicken soup and beef broth and the most amazing beef stir-fry (and can I just say my new thing is frozen veggies?! The Japanese mix is awesome!) Tonight I went to church, sans kids, and that was wonderful.

But what else? I feel rather non-feeling right now. The other day I put some music to some incredible lyrics written by my sister-in-law. That was exciting! Maybe I feel just a teensy bit let down tonight. Maybe I wanted another big high and it didn't come exactly. But God is working in this city. He has something in mind. We just need to keep on praying, keep on writing, keep on singing, keep on dancing, keep on shining, keep on loving, keep on following Him.

Maybe I'm just tired. It was a big day in the kitchen for me. But so satisfying. (And, unfortunately, so messy!) I probably should just work on cleaning up for a bit. Nah! But I love making soup. And I've never really done a beef soup where I actually make the broth from scratch. Kind of fun!

My kids are so cute! I took some photos of them today. That was neat for me to do. Felt creative. Wow, today was a pretty full day! God is good. My kitchen smells good. Soon I can go to bed.

I read a very interesting thread of conversation on someone's blog today. About homosexuality. Between a very diverse group of people. It really made me think. There is so much more to the issue than is made out to be in most of our Christian circles. There is so much pain involved, too many broad strokes, and not enough face-to-face understanding involved. I always wonder how we can find homosexuality to be blatantly wrong when we aren't nearly so blatantly condemning of other sexual sins that have pervaded the church and the world, ruining lives and causing so much pain in the process. And then there's Jesus saying that lust is committing adultery, and hating our brother is committing murder. God, would you help us to stop spending so much time trying to remove the specks out of other people's eyes and help us remove the log in our own. We can be so blind to our own sinful habits. So tolerant of our own wrong attitudes and actions. Make us holy as YOU are holy.


Christina said...

I love the idea of homemade soup. It just seems like the epitome of the perfect homemaker, that and homemade bread. It not only tastes delicious, but sends this amazing aroma throughout the whole house, mmmm, so good! You're awesome Sonya!

flowerlady said...

Deep thoughts, deep pots! I think we like to fixate on the things that are furthest from our present reality. It's easy to say that homosexuality is evil but not that fanatasizing about a co-worker is. One seems blatant the other 'innocent'. I had to confront a gal on the latter issue, helping her realize that what she was doing was sin and in need of repentance.

Found a great way to make beef broth. I cooked a roast in my crock pot with it covered in water, a little onion and salt and pepper. I pulled the roast out before supper and stuck it in the oven to get the crunchy bits and continued to let the broth sit in the crock pot over night. Best beef soup I've ever made!! Gotta love soup - especially when there's snow!

Stephanie said...

Sonya, you are amazing! I would love to learn how to make soup and homemade bread! If you're ever in the mood to teach, lemme know! It must have been amazing! And you do have amazingly gorgeous children whom I love!

Homosexuality. I actually wrote a post about it on Friday but didn't quite have time to finish or send's saved. I'm definitely hesitant in sending it. I completely agree with what you're saying about the equality of sin. Homosexuality is sin. Lust is sin. It's all sin to God. It's all offenseive to God.
I want to be Holy, just as Christ is Holy! Make me like you, Jesus!