A New Thing

God is doing a new thing in my family. I just spent the week-end with my Dad's side of the family, celebrating the life of my Grandma and starting to process her death. As part of the funeral service any cousins who wanted to sang Matt Redman's "Blessed Be Your Name". We happen to have some talented and experienced band players/worship leaders/vocalists and it rocked!

Now we're all pumped about doing something more together in that vein. And some cool ideas have been put out there. Besides that, it seems like people's guards are coming down and a desire to be with and share with each other is growing. And for the first time, we have all have everyone's email addresses. It is truly awesome! Thank you God for what you're doing. Draw us all closer to you and each other. Amen!

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flowerlady said...

Amen, sister!!!