Today is December 6th and I haven't done a thing for Christmas yet. What is wrong with me?!! I have just been so unmotivated. Don't feel like shopping. Maybe I won't...Don't really feel like decorating either. I've contemplated skipping that, too. I know, I just had a baby (well, 8 weeks ago), but still...Part of it is that we're going away for Christmas, too. But another part of me says, "What does this all have to do with Jesus' birth anyways?" I'm not focussing terribly well on the reall thing, so why use up precious energy on the extras? I went on an interesting site today: Made me think.

Today, I finally got outside with Jacob. That was fun. I have been outdoors so little since Rachel was born. I miss it. So does Jacob. He has become a bit of a TV addict of late. I actually had to convince him to go outside.

And, how is it that just when a person works up the energy and motivation to get a handle on the mess that something like a little person waking up at night and being difficult saps all the energy and optimism?

On a more positive note, Rachel had her last midwife check-up and she weighs 11 lbs, 13 oz. And she is cuter by the day!

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