Parenting is not for wimps

Last night, Jacob woke up at 2:30. At first he couldn't find us and then when he did, he wouldn't come to us. That's usually a bad sign. Rod got up and the fun began. First crying uncontrollably, then screaming, then crying, then trying desperately to tell us what's wrong and more crying and more screaming. Rod's trying everything to get him calmed down and I'm in bed praying for him, adrenaline pouring through my veins. And of course, it's all the worse because we're at our parents' house. And I'm trying to think what the cause is (I actually wasn't too surprised it happened). Was it the late night and whacked out schedule or the sugar spike right before bed, or the suspect foods that I let him eat? Or a combination of the three? And I determined to eliminate all additives, red food dye, nitrates, and berries and maybe even tomatoes. Then I would know once and for all...Anyways, Jacob and Rod were up for an hour. Then I couldn't go to sleep, so at 4:00 I went to lay down in Jacob's bed. Then Rachel woke up and I fed her. Then I slept a bit and then Jacob woke up at 7:30 while I was feeding Rachel again and got upset, but eventually was persuaded to go back to sleep beside Daddy. Eventually we all drifted off again, and then it was time to get up. And then he wouldn't nap. And tonight he had the toughest time winding down. Ah, holidays!

But all in all, it's been a good day.


kristi said...

Sounds pretty crazy!.....oh sleep deprivation....I think I'll enjoy the child-less years a little longer!

The Hayes Family said...

Hey. Those nights can be so ruff. I love travelling except for how it can effect the kids schedules.

Whenever we go away I always get anxious a few days before just thinking about how the kids will do. In fact we are going away this thursday. It's only an eight hour car ride but it can feel like more if the kids are upset.

I hope Jacob can relax and rest well every night you are there. Have a great rest of the trip!