I'm tired

After three turkey suppers, two immediate family gatherings and two extended family gatherings, I'm pooped! But it was a good time to be with family. Had some good conversations, good meals, and good fun. And I have a few more addresses. But it's wearing.

We have one more full day in Saskatoon and then I think we'll head home. It's time to get back to normalcy.

Well, like I said...I'm tired. Staring at this computer screen doesn't help. Good night!


Stephanie said...

Hey Sonya! I pray that the trip home is smooth and relaxing for you! All the Christmas activity can be overwhelming at times - I love normalcy after all I love you guys!! Can't wait to see you! God bless!

Joel said...

Hello Sonya,

I'm not sure if you are in town or not, but I was just wondering if you would like to sing with me on Sunday morning. I know that you could sing and it would be a great honor if you can. But if you just want a little bit of a break this holiday season, don't worry about it, maybe another time. You can get a hold of me through my blog site. Thank you so much and God bless.

Sonya said...

Turns out we won't be going home until the 1st (hopefully). The roads are closed.