Christmas 2004

Hello, family & friends!

Winter finally arrived in Winnipeg and Jacob has been busy eating snow, falling down in the snow, and enjoying his new winter jacket and snow pants. Not as much as he would like though. It seems harder to get outside with a baby. Yes, on October 12th, Rachel Dara Joy was born to us at home. She is a real sweetheart, full of smiles and coos and the occasional giggle. Jacob loves to give her kisses and hold her hands.

Rod has been able to take parental leave. That is one of the advantages of him working for Joel Ross Photography instead of relying on self-employment. Others include: working in a more social environment, having input into a business without the financial worries, and being able to shoot lots without the administrative hassles. Rod has actually become quite famous, having been on TV as a maternity/newborn expert and having his work displayed all over the major hospitals. Rod is also enjoying more artistic photography on his own, like dance and underwater. You will soon be able to view his work at Besides all this, Rod is the Education Chair of the Professional Photographers' Association of Manitoba.

We’re really enjoying the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard. It’s so refreshing and challenging and healing for us. I’ve been involved a bit in worship and hope to do some dance. I have met some amazing women through the Mom’s group “Breathe”, as well as being on the planning team. I am also enjoying being mentored and mentoring two younger women. “Blogging” is a big thing in my circle of friends, and I have started a blog as well. It’s basically an online journal and can be found at

We’re currently working on a few projects. We knocked out a couple walls and put in a new kitchen on the main floor that opens to a dining room, and enlarged our bedroom and installed a soaker tub. Rod is volunteering at Siloam Mission downtown and has started photographing some of the homeless people. It’s amazing the impact these people have had on us, even just making us more grateful for what we have. I had the opportunity to record my songs from the last twelve years onto a CD with the help of my brother. Even though it’s just a rough demo, the process was a really good first step towards taking my music seriously.

Our kids continue to keep us entertained (read busy). Jacob loves to work with his tools, read stories, and watch “Jonah” and “Bob the Bullder”. He is quite the singer, making up songs on the fly. Just today, he was walking around in circles playing his harmonica and shaking his tambourine. He can be quite the charmer, too (he gets that from his dad!) Rachel is pretty mellow and spends most of her time sleeping, but she has a smile that lights up a room (she gets that from her mom!)

This Christmas, may you experience all the joys and treasure all the special moments that come from celebrating the gift of life we have through Jesus.


Rod, Sonya, Jacob & Rachel

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kristi said...

You have a great way of summing things up in an interesting way! Good writing!