Ever since I told a few people about my blog, I've gotten hooked. People's comments have sparked further emails and I'm really enjoying connecting with people in this way. Maybe this blogging stuff has more merit than I originally thought!

Jacob seems to have gotten back into his napping again. Maybe his clock just got a bit out of whack.

I've had most productive morning already. Although Jacob is getting me up earlier this week, it has its benefits. I've already put stew in the crockpot, cleaned up all the dishes, and written two fairly long emails. Rod is hanging out with Jacob, so I've got computer time!

Yesterday was one of the few days my kitchen was a mess and wouldn't you know it, we had our neighbours over for supper rather spontaneously! What good motivation to keep at this kitchen thing!

Well, my time is up. I'd better let Rod get into his office.

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