A Poem for the LGBTQ community, written before WorldPride 2014

You look for love
Like anyone.
But you're different.

Your interests and desires
Don't seem to fit
Everyone's expectations.

Shame and rejection follow.
The wound goes deep.
Where is love now?

You're told you were born this way by some.
You're told you're sinful by others.
Where is hope now?

You go where you're accepted.
You still wonder who you are.
And if you could ever change.

But if you changed
Would you lose everything?
How could you face rejection a second time?

Could you be known
And accepted
Ever again?

You don't know there's Someone
Waiting for you
With arms wide open.

You don't know
He offers you
All the love you've ever longed for.

You don't know
He offers
Everything you need to be whole.

But I'm praying you will.
I'm praying you'll meet Him.

He knows you already.
He saw you before
You were born.

He knows your hurt.
He knows your heart.
And He's waiting for you with open arms.

He's waiting.

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